American Flags - Darren Wellhoefer Photographer

Why is a wedding photographer making flags? I'll tell you & it's a pretty amazing story.

Last month, I photographed a Marine’s wedding. During the engagement session, he told me some really tough stories- how he got injured, his 2 friends who were killed & how he came back to his home feeling alienated, alone & depressed. He was in bad shape. Then he met his wife & he said she literally changed his life. He said she saved him & he actually started crying during the E session. It was probably the most emotional engagement session I ever had in my life & when the wedding came, it was the same level of emotion. It was an awesome event. I was stoked to photograph their wedding & even happier when they said I did such a great job, they referred me 5 people, all who signed with me. So I decided to surprise them. I made an American flag out of wood. Its about 20” x 37”- I painted it & then torched it. Its that rustic looking American flag that is very popular today. I didn’t tell him I was doing it- I just did it. I showed up last week & dropped it off when he was home. He almost lost it. He kept saying thank you, thank you & I shook his hand & thanked him for his service. Don’t ever take for granted the freedom we have because of those willing to pick up a rifle & defend our country. They sacrificed so put your time to good use. Use your time wisely. Help those who help you.

I posted my flag making photos on my Facebook & IG & people started asking about them. Next thing I knew, people were wanting them & orders were taken. A lot of love goes into making these flags. I'm proud to make an American flag & even prouder that people are hanging them in their houses.

Flag dimensions: 

8 Foot (50 stars or Betsy Ross)

6 Foot  (50 stars or Betsy Ross)

4 Foot (50 stars or Betsy Ross)

3 Foot  (50 stars or Betsy Ross)

2 Foot (50 stars or Betsy Ross)

Blue line / Red line / Green line flags available.

All flags made to true American flag specs.


I offer discounts for veterans, law enforcement, fire fighters, & EMS.  Bridal clients of mine get a free 3 footer.

Email me for product costs. Thank you & God bless.

36" x 72" XL 50 Star finished in a clear gloss. Shine a light on it when you hang it- the clear gloss really brings out the colors (they didn't hang it yet).

I got a HUUGE amount of support for showcasing the American flag in my booth at yesterday's bridal show in Ontario. And I would rather stick my head in a slow cooker than get into a political discussion with potential clients- its about supporting those who defend our country, supporting those who make our streets safe & supporting those who risk their lives trying to save ours. Met with a couple of 1st Responders who shook my hand and thanked for me displaying the flag proudly. It was a pretty awesome experience. Thank you!!

Awesome post from Nick whose wedding I had shot 3 days ago. He serves as a Navy Seal & loved the flag I gave him so much, he gave me a pretty cool shout out on IG. I loved reading it.


I surprised my badass clients with a custom CHARLIE flag. They named their boy after Charlie Keating IV who is a Seal and unfortunately killed in combat. I didn't tell them I was doing it and surprised them with it. Look at all the great photos! I love that they dig it! 

I made a Charlie Keating memorial flag & sent it to his father. Read about this amazing patriot here: Charlie Keating story

Awesome clients insisted they get a photo with the flag I made for them. That's kickass! Thanks so much, Cindy & James! Best to you both!

Andrea rockin my flag at the Premier Bridal show.

RPD Air Support Unit- Air 1 office

Oorah! Flag I made for a Marine bridal client of mine.

Legal: This does not constitute a Marine Corps endorsement of my business. (its just one badass flag photo!)

My bridal clients were Route-91 survivors so I made a custom flag for them & they insisted I present it to them at their reception in front of everyone! What an honor! Thanks so much, Riley & Mando!

Here's the video of me presenting the Route-91 flag to Riley & Armando. Look at Armando's face. Priceless! What an honor to be a part of their amazing day.

The bride's grandfather is a Vietnam Vet & also a member of the Black Cat 2-1 helicopter pilot crew (book is written about them by Bob Ford). Felt it absolutely mandatory to surprise him during reception with his own 3 foot'er.

Army veteran with his Korean veteran grandfather & my flag in the group shot! I LOVE IT!!

Rose & Jared insisted they take a photo with the flag I gave them. Such a cool couple! Best of luck you guys!!!

This 4 footer went to a Long Beach Police Officer! WOOOT!

I made a flag for the Huntington Beach K-9 Unit & met the mighty Marco. Look at that face! Its Marco approved!

Beautiful 4 footer on its way to a Fire Chief in Oregon.

Mr. Morales, Vietnam War Veteran.

Badass Sgt Marine Grandma, Vietnam War Veteran

Letter from Badass Sgt Marine Grandma :)

I made 2 flags for a Long Beach retired Police Officer for her "30 years of service" wall. Pretty awesome to be a part of it. :)

John S, Marine, Iraq War Veteran

Wake Tech Marine, Temecula, CA.

Hanging on the wall at Waketech Marine in Temecula. Give a patch, get a discount. 👍

MB Coatings, Inc.

Republic Moving Storage, Chula Vista, CA

4footer hanging

This flag went to a retired Fire Department Chief in Texas. Per his instructions "Darren, I want it to look beat to shit. We look at the flag because we persevere, we survive. I know you won't let me down." After seeing the flag, "Darren, you kicked ass. Well done! It is being hung proudly in my home." Wow. What an honor to be part of that.

I donated a flag to Scott Townley's incredible 9-11 Memorial in Fullerton.

A Long Beach newspaper wrote an article about my flag making.

Rene Rodas, ABC3 BARBER STUDIO, Huntington Beach, CA

Buckhead Meat of Atlanta, Georgia

Mo-Mentum Gym, Huntington Beach.

Fortune favours the bold

Want to order a flag?

Email the size you want, 50 star or Betsy Ross, horizontal or vertical & I can send you a price quote. Thank you so much.